Things to Do While Vacationing at the Whitsundays

The beautiful Whitsunday Islands are described as the "Blue Outback" of Australia. You can find these 74 pure land masses in the North Brisbane, the country's capital, and most populated city.

This very interesting destination allows tourists to indulge in various activities. Accommodations vary from reasonably priced rooms for families to luxurious flats conducive for romantic honeymoons.

Your vacation at the Whitsundays will not be perfect without a cruising experience. The must-see places include the Great Barrier Reef.

Do not fail to visit Knuckle Reef Pontoon which boasts of the biggest and most impressive sunken viewing hall as well as an oversize water slide.

At the same time, experience the Camira Sailing Adventure. This is one of the fastest sailing catamarans in the whole wide world which can navigate at the speed of 30 knots. You can better enjoy the Whitsunday sailing Adventures by hiring the finest tour operator.

Cruise Whitsundays allow visitors with first-class transfer services aboard sophisticated and fast boats with professional and pleasant crew members.

Another place worth visiting is Conway National Park adjacent to the rainforests, woodlands, and valleys.

The Conway is the habitat of mound-building birds, rock wallabies (family of marsupials), scrub fowl, and brush turkey.

You can see the spectacular panorama from Mount Rooper and see Hamilton together with Henning, Dent and Long Islands.

Last but not the least is the Proserpine Historical Museum which features the remarkable history of the cattle town and sugar cane, local arts and crafts, book fairs and travel expositions.