The Rich Thai Food Culture and the Equally Delicious Thai Food

Many people traveling to Thailand are intrigued by the food culture there and why not? The Thai food which is popular the world over is very different from the original authentic dishes in Thailand. Also, the food varies as per the different regions in Thailand.


Here are some interesting facts regarding the food culture in Thailand:

1. Food is not to be wasted

Thai people don’t waste food. Food is considered to be sacred and rice is given the status of God. So the people there finish off the food from their plates.

2.  They hardly use chopsticks

Eating noodles with chopsticks has been popularized by the Chinese. Thai people eat with spoons and use forks only to help gather the food to the spoon.

3. Eating out is a social affair

Thai people love eating out with family and friends. They dine out in groups and socializing is a part of their food culture because they don’t believe in eating out alone.

4. Thai food gives importance to presentation

Chefs love to present their food which is decorated with carvings of vegetables and fruits. The chefs love to experiment with the presentations.

5. They love their in-between snacks

Snacking is the norm in Thailand, so you have various snacks like the spring rolls, small rice balls etc which are popularly sold in street stalls.    

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