MayMac Fight: Conor McGregor was happy with the decision when using lighter gloves

Nevada State Athletic Commission is permitting 8 oz. gloves for the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on August 26, with Mayweather giving McGregor the significant advantage.

McGregor is used to lighter gloves, like the 4 oz. in the UFC. But was initially faced with the idea of fighting McGregor with a 10 oz. gloves. The NSAC specifies that in most cases, fights in 154 lbs. or above should use 10 oz. gloves.

However, after exchanging insults, Mayweather revealed on social media that he was willing to accept the challenge of 8 oz. gloves.

McGregor said, “I’m very happy with how they handled it.” They both get the request for the gloves and into consideration, I’m very happy with that. You’ve got pros and cons on both sides of the athletes asking for it. Look at what I fight with normal.”

It is assumed that lighter gloves may give the heavy puncher Conor McGregor, as opposed to the more defensively-minded and tactical style of Mayweather.

The President of UFC, Dana White agreed.

"Presently we are battling in 8 oz. gloves and it will be a battle," White said on a telephone call. "Anything can occur in a battle.

"I think it influences the challenge. Conor hits like a truck. Littler gloves support him no doubt. It influences the battle no doubt."

The NSAC likewise uncovered that Robert Byrd would ref the challenge. Kenny Bayless, the authority for a hefty portion of Mayweather's current sessions, was discounted after already voicing his feedback of the conflict, which will see the 49-0 Mayweather going up against a man making his confining introduction McGregor.

"They gave us choices and we didn't fundamental request any ref specifically," McGregor included. "There was a ref or two who gave sentiments and if that is the situation it makes it hard.

"Robert Byrd is an exceptional ref, he gives the battle a chance to happen and ventures in when he should venture in. He has a few connects to the MMA world too, with the goal that's great."