How To Find The Best Water Softener For Your Home

If you are trying to find the best water softener for your home, then you not only want to consider they type of water you have, but also the quality of your water.  For example, selecting the best water softener for a home with municipal water will generally be a lot easier, than if you have well water.  For starters, municipal water is generally further refined and comes from a fresh water source, where well water is pumped out of the ground and generally contains a lot of minerals that form hard water.

Determining your homes water quality is really rather straight forward, all you have to do is take a small sample of your water, and place a water testing strip in the water to determine the hardness of the water.  The water testing strips interact with the minerals in your water to change the color of the water testing strip.  Alternatively, you can send a small vial of water to a laboratory to have your water professionally tested.  Both water testing strips and laboratory water testing do a good job of helping you determine how hard your water is and make choosing a type of water softener a lot easier.  In fact even some municipalities offer free laboratory testing of water, so it's always best to check on line if your community offers some sort of water testing program.  That said, even if you have to pay for the water test yourself, most laboratory water tests costs between $25 to $50 so they are fairly affordable.  The main advantage of having your water tested in a lab, is they will provide you a complete report, that tells you not only what minerals you have in you water, but also the percentage each mineral makes up.  Furthermore, getting your water laboratory tested, can also help you determine if you will also need a water filtration system in your home.