Health Risks with Birth Control Drugs

Both best selling and many commonly used oral contraceptives in America are found to have harmful side effects, such as of heart attacks, strokes, liver impairment and over 50 deaths connected to their usage.

A recent research from the widely respected British Medical Journal reported that compared to women with other birth control pills, the girls who used birth control pills which included drospirenone, endured elevated levels of gallstones, acute allergic reactions, liver ailments, heart attacks, strokes, and life-threatening blood clots.

In TV advertisements the medication was introduced as powerful for acne and Premenstrual Mood Disorder and for birth control. The advertisements didn't inform viewers of the substantial side effects.

These hazardous drugs made the multinational pharmaceutical company that developed and fabricated them over $1.8 billion in 2008. Also, there are many cases of essure complications in the recent past.

Health Risks with Birth Control Drugs

Hyperkalemia, an abnormally large amount of potassium from the blood, is another potential side effect of contraceptives containing drospirenone. A woman's risk of hyperkalemia increases if she chooses them in conjunction with medication known to raise potassium concentration, like ACE inhibitors, heparin, and anti-inflammatory medications, or NSAIDs.

The suits include fees that the firm had failed to adequately research the dangers and side effects of the medication, that its advertising was ineffective and failed to make potential users aware of the health dangers, which even if it knew about the roughly acute side effects and health impacts the firm failed to withdraw the drug in the marketplace.

As news of those lawsuits disperses, plaintiffs attorneys expect that countless girls will come forward with their expertise of critical health issues linked to alcoholism containing drospirenone.