Delicious Grapes Smoothie Recipe

Children are very choosy and thus hardly prefer to eat veggies and fruits. Thus we need to put extra efforts to make the things very special for them. For this, you can easily the different types of smoothie recipes. Smoothies are great because they not only provide taste but also give proper nutrients and other health benefits.

Children need more vitamins and minerals because they are growing. They also do more physical work than others because they stay active during the day. You can use some great smoothie recipes and prepare some mouth water smoothies for them. This is only possible when you have a good smoothie maker in your house.

Smoothie makers are great to prepare a smoothie because they can blend everything in a good manner without any problem. You can also make fruits and vegetables more interesting with the help of smoothie recipes. Particularly for the children, it is essential to have some fruits and veggies on the daily basis. For this, we are going to explain about a very good recipe which will certainly win your heart.

Making of smoothie with grapes and veggies

Things you will need

–    Two cups of grapes, make them seedless

–    One banana, frozen or fresh

–    Handful of Italian parsley

–    One cup spinach leaves

–    Half cup of low-fat milk or water


There are some common things which you should check while making any smoothie recipe. Make sure that you are taking fresh ingredients. You should also wash the veggies properly before putting them in the smoothie maker. Now make small slices of everything and cut the veggies into very small pieces. Start with the cup of water or milk and blend it for a while. Now you can put rest of the ingredient and blend well until the smoothie is ready to drink.