How To Make Your Journey Memorable In Melbourne?

Who doesn’t want to come out of his/her busy or hectic routine life? All of us want to go for vacation to get ourselves relaxed and alleviate routine hardships. Australia is the best place to visit with your family during vacation. All the major landmarks and multiplexes are available in this country. You will find […]

How to Get Skipper Licence in Croatia?

You’ve decided to rent a boat for you and your family, friends, and family, or business partners? If that’s the instance, you are at the ideal location. But, before the charter, you need to check if you or your skipper onboard possess all the required documents. In Croatia, as stated by the law skipper needs […]

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai in Thailand, occasionally also called Chiangmai or even Chiangmai, is the 2nd biggest city of Thailand, supporting Bangkok. Found in the northern area of the nation some 700km north west of Bangkok, it’s a population of 200,000 in its official city boundaries, but because of urban sprawl into neighboring towns, its inhabitants is […]

Vacations Are a Relaxing Way to See the Adriatic

Cruising is a favorite method of investigating the Adriatic Sea. Cruises give the opportunity to do something somewhat different. These ships see Croatia, providing passengers the opportunity to explore inland bays, coves and harbors, and also to detect the numerous ancient sites within this portion of earth. Gulets are handmade ships and are a far […]

History and origin of the flute

Origin of flute Many flute player and musicians are aware of the sounds of the ancient instrument of the Americans of USA. It originated as the ‘instrument of love’ in the southwest area of the Monument Valley. The Americans have researched intensively for the appropriate type of wood for carefully carving this unique instrument. It […]

Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling To Thailand

Travelling is so much fun but some travellers tend to fall sick during their vacation. It is usually because of the change in weather, different food items and fatigue. However, if you are careful, you might be able to dodge the bullet and return to your home without a flu or messed up stomach. Courtesy-World […]

The Butanding (Whale Shark) in Oslob

Ever heard of the Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu? It is known in the local language as “Tuki” and “Butanding”, and they’re located in Barangay Tan-awan of Oslob in Cebu and is getting more popular than ever. The interaction has been featured on a UK-based website, and gain more popularity after more Filipinos share their […]

The Rich Thai Food Culture and the Equally Delicious Thai Food

Many people traveling to Thailand are intrigued by the food culture there and why not? The Thai food which is popular the world over is very different from the original authentic dishes in Thailand. Also, the food varies as per the different regions in Thailand. Courtesy-escape2paradises Here are some interesting facts regarding the food culture […]