Abel Sanchez Training Gassiev And Golovkin

It has been a long awaited fight of the Canelo vs GGG happening on the 16th of September but, trainer Abel Sanchez has a very big task and a difficult one too, organizing how he would prepare two world champions in their upcoming respective fights; Gennady Golovkin and Murat Gassiev (happening in the middle of October).

During several interviews on Abel’s thoughts on his assignments as a trainer, it brings him so much joy and honor in preparing both fighters in their biggest fight in their professional career. He gives him pleasure and with such joy in his heart, he forgets the pain and struggles that he endures day by day during training. There are a lot of things to consider and preparation to do for his fighters to achieve the most of their capability.

It has been a little bit of struggle to him since he is training two fighters at the same time, however, he was able to manage it timely although sometimes he has to leave Murat behind to focus on Golovkin. But, Abel has great back support and he entrusts some things to his assistant trainer in Big Bear so has nothing to worry a lot.

The greatness that he felt in his position is a feeling that every trainer would want to feel. He sees everything as not a job but in everyone in his team, he treats it like a family. On the same page, he sees that both fighters are helping each other out, motivating, giving tips, and complimenting each other’s capability.  Every member of the team is doing their assigned tasks and that what makes training more fascinating and not tiring as well. Everyone grows at the same time and they get the energy to each and everyone by cooperating and not be an individual pain in the team.